What To Expect

Following referral, you will receive a response in a matter of days with an appointment for an assessment with your assigned therapist. We will send you some forms to complete in advance of your appointment. Following assessment, you will have a couple of one-to-one sessions with your therapist to prepare you for our cognitive-behavioural programme, which is the gold standard of gambling addiction treatment.

On either side of the programme, if appropriate, you have the option to invite a loved one or trusted friend along to a session with you, to enable you to have the maximum support inside and outside of our sessions. Following the programme, you may be connected to an aftercare service and/or our own graduate recovery group, should that be useful. Sometimes additional therapy for related mental health difficulties is offered after our CBT gambling programme. We keep in touch with you up to 12 months post-discharge to monitor your progress.

Get in Touch

You can contact us directly by telephone, by email, or via the contact form