How We Do It

Typically there are 5 face to face or virtual video sessions with a therapist, whichever is most suitable for you. This is the format of those sessions:

Session 1: Giving you the chance to tell your story.

Session 2: Providing relevant information to help you understand gambling addiction.

Session 3: Exploring ways of coping, thinking about the pros and cons of these responses and alternatives for coping.

Session 4: Reviewing current support networks and establishing positive connections – spreading the load of stresses and strains – while evaluating other supports that may not be helping.

Session 5: Reviewing any other needs or concerns you or other family members may have.

Once you have completed this programme you have the opportunity to join our ‘affected loved ones’ support group. This is held fortnightly and you can remain on this group for as long as you like.

Get in Touch

You can contact us directly by telephone, by email, or via the contact form